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Our Success Stories

When you hear and read about those who have dated and married within the Adventist Church through Contact, remember that this could be you, but only if you join! The sooner you join, the sooner we can send you matches.

Throughout its history, Adventist Contact has had many success stories. The ones you see here represent only a small fraction. We appreciate your help in identifying and locating people who have met and successfully married via Adventist Contact.

We need 1) a very short story that can be published right away that will show basic information, and 2) an extended version with additional photos if desired. A good writer tells a story using as few words as possible without omitting pertinent and interesting information. Last names and other identifying information will be edited out.

We want YOUR stories. . .

If you or anyone you know has found an Adventist match through Adventist Contact, we'd like to hear about it.

your success stories and digital photos. Upgrade credit is available—see this page. (member login required).


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