About Us

An interview with the founder of Adventist Contact, who wishes to remain anonymous*:

When was Adventist Contact started, and why?

The Adventist Contact ministry was started in 1972, because it was needed. My own parents were Adventists from similar backgrounds, but they had a terrible marriage that ended in divorce. I believe this was because they were not compatible. I’ve watched friends and family members date and marry outside of our faith, with resulting problems. Many of them have left God’s truth. I knew that there had to be a better way.

How did you go about establishing this ministry?

First, I went to see a friend who was a very high-ranking official of the General Conference. Since duplicate services would be unproductive, I wanted to make sure that the organized church was not already working on such a ministry.  He said “We are not working on a matching ministry, but the organized church would be grateful if you would do it for us.”  With God’s help, I wanted Adventist Contact to be the very best possible.

As an experienced innovator and coordinator with university training, I started by developing a team. Soon we assembled a group of consultants of various backgrounds and ethnicities. Marriage counselors, testing specialists, ministers, a sociologist—all contributed their viewpoints and expertise. I know of no other dating service, Adventist or otherwise, that has been so systematic with its approach, and benefited from such capable professional assistance.

How long did it take before you started seeing results?

Many of the couples who met and married shortly after we launched in 1974 are still happily married. God has blessed us with an unparalleled history of success. We’ve received as many as six wedding or engagement announcements in one week. I keep in touch with some of the families, and take great pleasure in seeing pictures of their children and grandchildren.

The original Adventist Contact program was paper-based, with surveys and matches sent through the mail. When did you transition to an online service?

We began the transition in 2008, and first launched our online version in 2009. We are happy to offer our service online, so we can provide better, faster matching. Our process is under constant review.

We aren’t like any of the other dating or matching sites out there. We want to make sure that we introduce people who share as many interests and values as possible, not just let them surf photos or mingle in a chat room.

As Christians, we have two important objectives: bring people to Christ and His truth, and care for those whom He has already entrusted to our keeping. Adventist Contact is Seventh-day Adventist owned and is operated as a soul-keeping ministry to our own Church family.

We are anxious to provide the best service—in order to attract the best single Adventists who will make the best sweethearts and spouses.  Please remember this ministry, and single church members, in your prayers.

* In obedience to the words of Christ in Matthew 6: 1 and 3, LNT  “Take care! Don’t do your good deeds publicly, to be admired . . . ” and  “…when you do a kindness to someone, do it secretly…” Adventist Contact has never published the names or photos of its staff, consultants, employees or volunteers.