Terms of Use

This site is provided as a service to unmarried*, English-speaking members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, for the purpose of introducing potentially compatible men and women.

By establishing a profile on this site, each participant agrees to the following:

  • Adventist Contact, Inc. does not provide any guarantees, or give refunds for purchased service.
  • Participant is the individual named and described in the profile, and all information provided is true and accurate. (Profiles may not be created by or for someone else, except in the case of assistance for individuals with disabilities.)
  • Participant profiles may not be used to promote any illegal activity.
  • Participant profiles may not be used for the purpose of marketing or promoting any product or service–including, but not limited to, any other dating/matching service.
  • Participant profiles may not be used to solicit money or sponsorship for USA citizenship or anything else.
  • Participant profiles may not be used to denigrate or slander the Seventh-day Adventist Church or any of its entities.
  • Each participant’s account is for his/her exclusive use, and may not be shared or utilized by any other person.
  • Each individual may create exactly ONE account/profile. Creation of multiple accounts shall be cause for immediate removal without refund, if applicable. (If you have created an account and are unable to access it, please contact site administration.)
  • Profiles shall be removed if the participant marries or ceases to meet the Adventist Contact eligibility requirements.
  • Participation in Adventist Contact may NOT be used for the purposes of hacking or crashing this site, reverse engineering its code or algorithms, or developing a similar service. All code involved, except as it is otherwise credited, is the legally protected intellectual property of Adventist Contact, Inc.
  • All electronic materials uploaded via this site are the property of Adventist Contact, Inc.

These terms of use are subject to change without notice.

* Adventist Contact is equipped only to facilitate heterosexual relationships between CIS individuals.