Desiree & William

More Success Stories

William was a radio announcer and market researcher, and Desiree was a resident physician when Adventist Contact introduced them. Desiree says,

Adventist Contact is great. We recommend that every unmarried Adventist looking for a life partner join Adventist Contact. Bill was a member for a little over a year while I had just joined. I initiated contact with Bill shortly after Thanksgiving. Bill was a radio announcer in Ohio at the time and I am a physician from California. Despite the distance, our relationship quickly grew. We met in person the day after Valentine’s Day during the next year. After several visits, we decided to marry the following February. Prior to our marriage, we completed premarital counseling and were informed that we were one of the most compatible couples our pastor had ever counseled. We spent our brief honeymoon driving through Pennsylvania, the state in which we were married. We believe we were “made for each other,” and that God used Adventist Contact to help us find one another.