Jay & Rebecca

More Success Stories

After Rebecca graduated from law school, her parents started suggesting: “Why don’t you join Adventist Contact?” Rebecca would have none of it. She had preconceived notions about who might join Adventist Contact (“AC”), and she felt that only truly desperate people would consider computer matching. Month after month Rebecca’s parents mentioned the idea, and month after month, Rebecca quickly shut down that conversation.

Finally, Rebecca’s mother called AC and gave them Rebecca’s address and asked them to send an informational packet to Rebecca. After much skepticism, but even more curiosity, Rebecca looked through the AC packet before she planned to throw it out. The questions that were included in the questionnaire intrigued Rebecca; she was impressed and felt that, if AC knew this much about her, then it would also know this much about someone with whom she was computer matched, and maybe God would be able to use AC in a very special way.

Jay was a mechanical engineer working at a nuclear reactor facility in Idaho, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, Jay had studied himself into the Adventist church. After joining the church, his Pastor suggested that Jay join AC so that he could find someone who shared his new-found faith.

When AC matched Jay and Rebecca, AC started a truly amazing journey. Ultimately, the two fell in love over the phone as they waited for God to reveal His plan for uniting them in the same city. For them, the long-distance courtship was a strength, since the telephone encouraged meaningful conversation. After a year and a half of reliance on God, He rolled out His plan for uniting the two. He provided an engineering position for Jay in St. Louis, a full relocation package, an equivalent salary, and God sold Jay’s Idaho home in 3 days!

To make a long story short, on October 22, everything came together for a gorgeous fall wedding with friends and family. It was the wedding of their dreams and the beginning of a wonderful life together. Nearly four years later, Matthew (meaning “Gift of God”) was born, and about 4 years after that, Michaela (meaning “Godly Woman”) arrived. Rebecca often recalls that she was so opposed to the very agency that God used to introduce her to Jay; now she shakes her head in wonder and has, on many occasions, thanked her Mom for calling AC and giving them her address.