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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I reach someone at Adventist Contact? At the bottom of every page of this site is a CONTACT US link to send e-mail inquiries. Please make sure you've read the online documentation before you contact us—this page, also HOW IT WORKS, COSTS & BENEFITS. Many of your questions are addressed there. We are not able to provide free phone support (see this page for more information).

Why does the Adventist Contact questionnaire include such personal questions? For the record, our process is almost completely automated (all but photo approval), and it is color-blind when it comes to race/ethnicity. Any restrictions in those areas are imposed by individuals themselves, NOT the system.

Our process focuses on identifying and matching people who have the most in common, and maximum compatibility in key areas that tend to cause marital friction. Of course some of those areas are going to be rather personal. If you are not willing to examine those areas of your life, then Adventist Contact is not for you. Any information you provide on your questionnaire is stored securely, never revealed to anyone else, and most likely not ever even seen by another human being. See HOW IT WORKS for more information.

Why does the ADDITIONAL INFO ask about my family background? The purpose for this section of your profile is three-fold. First, it gives us a good way to verify your identity for purposes of phone contact. Many financial institutions use a similar system. Second, since family of origin is tremendously important in defining who someone is, we want to provide you with as much information about the family background of your potential matches as possible—while protecting actual names. Third, we want to make sure our system has enough information not to match close relatives. (Not everyone knows all their first or second cousins!)

One of my matches looks interesting, and I've sent them a message but gotten no reply. What can I do? Your MY MATCHES page tells you when that person has last logged in to their Adventist Contact account. They should have been receiving regular notifications from us that they have one or more messages; it is entirely up to the individual whether or not they choose to read or respond to them. If they have blocked you or deactivated their profile, they will disappear from your match list.

Why is Adventist Contact so expensive? We try to provide as many ways as possible for participants to upgrade at NO COST WHATSOEVER. See this page for details (must be logged in). Adventist Contact is not profit-driven, but ministry-driven.

How is Adventist Contact different from other online matching services? Adventist Contact is not just another dating/matching site. It represents a process that has been in research and development since 1972, with an unparalleled history of success. Each part of the process is designed to insure your safety, privacy, and maximum probable compatibility with your matches. The process is self-screening; people who aren't willing to invest time and effort in creating an accurate and informative profile might not be willing to invest time and effort in growing a relationship.

How can I get more matches? See this page for detailed information and examples.

Does Adventist Contact screen potential matches or do any sort of reference check? Adventist Contact no longer requires or checks references for prospective participants. If you choose to contact someone from your list of matches, please use caution and good sense. We can offer no guarantees; you must pursue any relationship carefully and prayerfully.

May I change my answers to the questionnaire or the details of my profile?Yes, you may log back in at any time and edit your information. In fact, it's very important to keep your contact information current, so our system will remind you to check it periodically.

How does the matching process work? More details on this page.

Why does my browser log me out whenever I move to a different page? If you find that your Web browser will not let you stay logged in as you go from page to page, you may need to enable cookies. Our site uses a temporary cookie (information stored in a very small text file) to "remember" you while you're logged in. The cookie is destroyed when you close your browser. To enable cookies in Firefox: 1) choose TOOLS from the menu on the top of the page; 2) choose OPTIONS; 3) choose PRIVACY, check the box for Accept cookies from sites, and 4) choose Keep until I close Firefox. To enable cookies in Internet Explorer: click here for directions.

Help! I'm seeing only a blank page where the DETAILS (or QUESTIONNAIRE) should be! If nothing appears in the left-hand section of those pages, your browser settings may be preventing the site from functioning properly. We recommend downloading and using Google Chrome (free), which seems to work without a lot of the hitches common to other browsers.

ExpertHelp Available!

We now offer phone assistance for participants in the US and canada. Click here for more information.

Feedback Wanted

Adventist Contact welcomes suggestions that may improve our service. We know that our participants have good ideas, and we want the service to be the best we can make it with God's help. We also hope you will let us know if you appreciate the friendship of those you meet through Adventist Contact. Use the e-mail link below to send us your feedback.


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