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How It Works

You may be looking for a friend, sweetheart or a spouse, but we match on what works best for a marriage.  That way the relationship may grow to whatever extent you chose.  If an online relationship appears promising, and you don't live close together, we recommend that one of you relocate so that you can spend time together on a daily basis before making a lifetime commitment. Don't marry a stranger!

People who have good marriages have harmonious attitudes and practices toward money, sex, religion and personal hygiene.  These and other vital issues are covered.  Matching is simple.  Things you have in common are like glue.  The more you enjoy together, the better; but differences are like a wedge that divide and destroy a relationship.  The less there is to argue about, the better.

Adventist Contact uses the information you suply about yourself to recommend the characteristics of acceptable matches. The system locates people who meet those requirements, then notifies you of their potential compatibility based on the way you (and they) answered the questionnaire. If you would like to change the recommended settings in the PREFERENCES section, you can do so if 1) you upgrade to a paid level of service, or 2) you complete the "Additional Info" section.

For most participants, our system displays only reciprocal matches. In order to be shown as a match, someone must meet your ACCEPTABLE criteria--and you must meet theirs as well. Since many people are too restrictive with their ACCEPTABLE criteria, we make MyChoice Matching available to PREMIUM participants. This allows PREMIUM participants to see all those who meet their ACCEPTABLE criteria and qualify as matches. To see if you have the option of upgrading to PREMIUM, check your My Account page. The page will also tell you how many matches you would get by upgrading, and give you a sneak preview of each.

When you create your profile, you go through various steps. First, you must meet the eligibility requirements. Second, you must create your online identity. Other sections are as follows:

  • Details—This is where we collect your contact information plus occupation, education, racial/ethnic background, and so forth.
  • Photos—You must upload at least two photos of yourself, which will be displayed to potential matches. Photos will be screened by Adventist Contact staff. Your profile will not be available for matching until at least one close-up  ("mug shot") and one full-length (head-to-toe) photo have been approved.
  • Questionnaire—This is a set of questions designed to give our system an idea of your personal habits and what is most important to you so that we can find potentially compatible participants to match with you. Please answer all questions honestly—there are no "right" and "wrong" answers. Your answers are "right" for you and someone like you.
  • OPTIONAL: Preferences—Our system completes this for you automatically; if you wish to change the characteristics used to determine an acceptable (or preferred) match, you will need to either upgrade to a paid level of service, or complete the Additional Info section.
  • OPTIONAL: Additional Info—We'd like to reward those who are willing to invest additional time beyond the very basics necessary to create a profile. Completing this section allows for a more valid match. Participants who finish the Additional Info will be able to use their PREFERENCES to filter or expand their list of matches.

Your profile will not be available for matching until ALL REQUIRED PORTIONS of this process are complete (Details, Photos, Questionnaire). You may return at any time and change any portion of your profile.

Once your profile is complete, your MY MATCHES page will display information about each person, with a link to see their full profile. Whether you can contact someone or not depends on your service level--see COSTS & BENEFITS. You will be notified via e-mail of new matches and messages according to the notification settings you choose (found in the right column of your MY HOME page). NOTE: Adventist Contact no longer sends out any materials via hard copy or "SnailMail."


Small Church?

Adventist Contact provides a great way for Adventist singles in rural areas to meet a fellow Adventist online!

Did you know...

Creating a profile on Adventist Contact now takes less time than other sites like eHarmony? And it's less expensive, too. Besides, Adventist Contact is 100% Seventh-day Adventist; our materials were developed specifically by and for Adventists.

ExpertHelp Available!

We now offer phone assistance for participants in the US and canada. Click here for more information.


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