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The first support we need is your prayer support. God has blessed us with numerous successes in the past. Please pray that we will continue to meet our primary objective of establishing Christ-centered relationships and new Seventh-day Adventist homes.

The second way you can support Adventist Contact is by a donation of time or money. Your monetary donations will help to defray the expense of setting up and promoting our new venue. If you would like to serve as a volunteer, please e-mail

Adventist Contact does not want the "widow's mite"* or funds that would otherwise go to tithes and offerings, but if you are willing and able to help, it would be most gratefully appreciated. (Donations to Adventist Contact are not tax-deductible.)

Thank you for believing in this ministry and being willing to support it. Your help will make a positive difference.

*see Mark 12:41-44

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Our History

Adventist Contact is happy to have introduced many Adventist singles over the years since our ministry was founded in 1974. Check out our Success Stories.


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