How It Works

Invite a Friend!

Anything as important as finding a sweetheart or a spouse needs to be done right. For this reason, Adventist Contact’s process is comprehensive. You choose each other by the way you complete your profile.

In order for our system to find matches for you, here’s what you need to do:

  • Complete your Profile with information about yourself, your family, your background
  • Upload a “mug shot” (face photo) and full-length photo
  • Complete the 50 items on our Questionnaire
    You know the answers, because it’s about you! Your answers are right for you–and someone like you.

When your profile is complete, you’ll see something like this on your MEMBER HOME page. If any of the circle indicators in the REQUIRED ITEMS section are showing red, you’re not done yet!

The first 100 men and the first 100 women in our system will automatically receive Premium membership for one year ($29.95 value). For one year after we start displaying matches after our relaunch (4/14/19), they will see all available matches with no additional requirements.

After that. . .
All members who complete a profile can see up to five best matches immediately, completely free. If you would like to see more matches, you have two choices:

  • Complete one or more of our Optional sections
    • Essay questions–these help your matches know more about you
      (see up to 1 additional match for each essay)
    • Additional Questionnaires–these help us generate more precise matches for you
      (see up to 1 additional match for each section of 24 questions)
  • Invite a friend (see up to 5 additional matches for each friend who joins)
  • Purchase Premium Membership: For an annual fee of $29.95, this allows you to…
    • Hide your age on your profile
    • See all available matches without having to complete optional sections