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Advertising Policy

Our advertising partners help to make Adventist Contact a valuable experience for Adventist singles. Once they've found an Adventist match, our participants often look for a connection with other Adventist online services, such as photographers, wedding planners, and so on.

We offer several options for advertisers:

  • Listing in our RESOURCES section (accessible to participants only)
  • Banner ads displayed on selected pages (either participants-only OR public pages)
  • Listing in OUR PARTNERS (accessible to all site visitors)

The RESOURCES section of our site is designed to provide participants with links to businesses that will help them grow their relationship—or plan a wedding. We offer one year of free advertising in our RESOURCES to businesses who meet our criteria for this section AND provide us with $100 or more in gift certificates that we can share with participants.

We offer space for banner ads as shown on this page: in the right-hand column and at the bottom of selected pages of our site. For rates and more specifics, contact us.

Adventist Contact is happy to partner with advertisers who promote products, services, and ideas compatible with a Seventh-day Adventist lifestyle. Rates are subject to change.


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